Helping your plumber

Things you can do to prepare for the arrival of your plumber, to speed up his visit and allow him to solve your problems quicker!

Locate Your Mains Stopcock!
There should be a stopcock on the mains feed into your house. This is often under the kitchen sink. It’s very likely your plumber will need access to this, so you should know where it is, and remove anything in its way.

If Heating System problem then locate drain down cock
If the problem is with your heating system, be sure you know where the drain down cock is (it will usually be on the radiator on the ground floor, or on the boiler.) If a heating pipe gets punctured or starts to leak for any reason you may need to drain down the system. You may need a length of hose to pipe the water out of the house. (It will be more than a bucket-full!).

Have plenty of newspaper or old rags to hand

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